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Graduate Medical Education

Educational Activities

Emergency Medical Services Fellowship

St. Luke’s EMS fellowship will provide a variety of learning opportunities and settings, including:

Fellowship Conference
The EMS Faculty and guest lecturers in the field will present and discuss the core didactic material at our weekly conference, preparing the fellow with the knowledge necessary to both pass the board exam and to be successful in their career afterward.

Journal Club
Each month, notable journal articles are presented by fellows for discussion and in-depth analysis. This will be helpful to ensure the fellow is equipped with the latest in prehospital research and practice. Journal clubs will be held at faculty houses, or special locations that will allow for wellness activities with colleagues before and/or after.

QA/QI Management
As a core part of an EMS Physician’s career, learning how to manage QA/QI in an EMS system will be very important, and the fellow will have hands-on experience with the fellowship.

Core Competency Review
EMS Clinician Credentialing: A core tenant of EMS Medical Director is credentialing our clinicians to perform their live saving roles. The fellow will have ample opportunity to engage with EMS agencies during this process. The Fellow will assist in designing simulations, running skill stations, designing competency assessment tools, and performing remediations.

Our fellows will have access to St. Luke’s Research Institute, a multidisciplinary team dedicated to assisting in all aspects of research. With the variety of EMS divisions associated with St. Luke’s and the interconnectivity of our charting systems, the fellow will be well supported in all their research efforts. St. Luke’s University hospital is in the process of initiating a peer-reviewed clinical research journal.