Graduate Medical Education

Emergency Medical Services Fellowship

Emergency Medical Services Fellowship

St. Luke’s Emergency Medical Services Fellowship is a one-year, ACGME accredited program that accepts two fellows per year. Throughout the year, our fellows will be trained in multiple areas involving prehospital medicine, including medical direction, event medicine, flight medicine, and more. There will be opportunities to work with residents both in the Emergency Department and those on their EMS rotation. A Physician Response Vehicle will be provided to each fellow to respond to scene calls throughout the multiple EMS agencies in the area. Training will be provided within a multitude of different EMS frameworks, including hospital-based, fire service, as well as municipal and private 3rd service. Primary flight experience will occur with the St. Luke’s University Health Network aircraft operated through a partnership with Geisinger Life Flight.

Mission Statement:

  • The St. Luke's Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Fellowship will mold highly qualified and motivated emergency physicians into proactive, compassionate, and effective EMS Medical Directors capable of leading EMS Systems into the future of healthcare. Fellowship graduates will be EMS Physicians capable of providing cutting-edge, evidence-based care in the field to enhance patient safety and outcomes. Fellowship graduates will be prepared to work in the community and academic settings, as well as support the mission of healthcare and public safety organizations throughout the Lehigh Valley and beyond. The fellowship complements the Network's mission of providing patient care regardless of ability to pay and enhancing the health of our communities.

Program Aims:

  • Standardize EMS physicians training and qualifications
  • Improve the safety of prehospital patient care
  • Enhance the quality and provide an expanded scope of practice to patients in the prehospital environment
  • Integrate prehospital and interhospital care into the greater patient care continuum
  • Develop EMS physicians capable of leading evidence-based change based on the Model for Improvement®
  • Develop EMS physicians capable of producing peer-reviewed research to enrich the greater fund of knowledge and expand the bounds of EMS Medicine