Graduate Medical Education


  • Curriculum Weeks
    Orientation 4 weeks
    Inpatient Medicine 8 weeks
    Labor and Delivery 4 weeks
    Inpatient Pediatrics 4 weeks
    General Surgery 2 weeks
    Dermatology 2 weeks
    Emergency Medicine 4 weeks
    Newborn Nursery/Outpatient Pediatrics 4 weeks
    Pulmonology 2 weeks
    Ambulatory Medicine 2 weeks
    Lifestyle Medicine 2 weeks
    Hospice and Palliative Medicine 2 weeks
    Community Medicine 2 weeks
    Inpatient Medicine Night Float 2 weeks
    POCUS 4 weeks
  • Curriculum Weeks
    Inpatient Medicine 8 weeks
    Critical Care 4 weeks
    OB/GYN 4 weeks
    Sports Medicine 4 weeks
    Geriatrics 4 weeks
    Podiatry 4 weeks
    Practice Management 2 weeks
    Adult Night Medicine 2 weeks
    Ambulatory Medicine 2 weeks
    2 weeks
    Pediatric Night Medicine 2 weeks
    Psychiatry 2 weeks
    Ophthalmology 2 weeks
    Lifestyle Medicine 2 weeks
    Radiology 2 weeks
    Elective 4 weeks
  • Curriculum Weeks
    Inpatient Medicine 8 weeks
    Cardiology 4 weeks
    OB/GYN 4 weeks
    Orthopedics 4 weeks
    Pediatric Subspecialties 4 weeks
    Ambulatory Medicine 4 weeks
    Outpatient Pediatrics 4 weeks
    Practice Management 2 weeks
    Adult Night Medicine 2 weeks
    Urology 2 weeks
    Lifestyle Medicine 2 weeks
    Elective/Selective 16 weeks
    • Monthly support group for PGY1 residents
    • Monthly support group for PGY2/3 residents
    • Opportunities for weekly self-assessments of personal well-being, with a fun and incentive-based format
    • Regular opportunities for organized social outings outside of work hours (e.g., live music, fall festivies, escape rooms, etc.)
    • Opportunities for community service
    • Quarterly donations to assist our community partners (e.g., canned goods, personal hygiene items, etc)
    • Executive skills coaching opportunities.
    • 2 resident retreats yearly
    • Wellness check-ins with our behavioral health specialist
  • Community Engagement

    • Each resident creates a long-term relationship with a community organization and regular involvement in their mission.

    Nursing home

    • Monthly nursing home rounds with longitudinal care for patients under the supervision of our Geriatric Medicine faculty.
    • OMT clinic weekly. Residents rotate through this experience to have dedicated outpatient time for OMT, as well as OMT is allowed in your continuity schedule.
    • Monthly OMM lectures within St Luke’s, including Anderson and Bethlehem campuses.
    • Osteopathic lectures embedded into academic day schedule for both osteopathic and allopathic residents.
    • Osteopathic recognition accredited through ACGME.
    • We’re proud to be one of a handful of Family Medicine programs in the nation to be sites for full implementation of the Lifestyle Medicine Residency Curriculum.
    • By delving into the principles of human behavior change, we’re able to help residents learn both “what to recommend” and also “how to recommend it”.
    • Completion of all requirements allows residents to be eligible for board certification in Lifestyle Medicine upon graduation.
    • Residents participate in monthly Lifestyle Medicine didactics, enjoy Lifestyle Medicine rotations each year, and implement the principles of Lifestyle Medicine in their patient care, in both the office and hospital settings.
    • Lifestyle Medicine-Certified faculty lead our LM efforts, including our Program Director – Dr. Goodbred, and our LMRC Site Lead and nationally-known Lifestyle Medicine powerhouse Dr. Meagan Grega.
    • Lifestyle Medicine has proven powerful in improving the well-being of not only our patients, but our residents and faculty as well!

Continuity of Care and Collaboration – Dr. Goodbred’s Proud Moment