Graduate Medical Education

Family Medicine Residency - Anderson


St. Luke’s Family Medicine Residency – Anderson

St. Luke’s Family Medicine Residency – Anderson expands the footprint of Family Medicine at St. Luke’s onto our Anderson Campus and into the city of Easton, establishing close community connections and utilizing innovative lifestyle-based approaches to the prevention and treatment of chronic disease. The excitement of a new program allows residents to “create as they grow,” laying down the foundation for the future of the program at Anderson Campus. Come and see what our program has to offer!

When a physician is called to Family Medicine, he or she enters a field where breadth of practice is the rule, rather than the exception. Whether that breadth refers to age, burden of illness, socioeconomic status or a variety of other categories, the family physician must be “ready for anything.” At the St. Luke’s Family Medicine Residency - Anderson, we’re building a program that combines tried and true approaches to medical education with innovation both clinically and academically.

With two distinct ambulatory continuity sites, residents have the opportunity to learn medicine in an environment that will prepare them to be the family physician that they envision for their future. Inpatient rotations are completed at our beautiful and state of the art Anderson Campus, with the resources of our University Hospital and Health Network providing an unrivaled quality of educational programming.

Program Mission Statement

St. Luke’s Family Medicine Residency – Anderson strives to create an innovative training environment that prepares physicians to partner with their patients and the community in the practice of comprehensive, evidence-based, patient-centered medicine.

Program Aims

Aim 1: Training well-rounded physicians that are prepared to practice comprehensive primary care in a variety of settings.

Aim 2: Establishing an atmosphere of patient-centered, community-oriented care in which physicians partner with patients and community groups to enhance individual, family, and community health and well-being.

Aim 3: Practicing a "Lifestyle-First" philosophy of medicine, in which daily decision-making is leveraged to improve health through nutrition, exercise, sleep quality, stress reduction, avoidance of risky substances, and strong relationships.

Aim 4: Building a robust scholarly base of the program, in which residents and faculty partner to understand concepts of research and quality improvement and add to this body of work across the spectrum of training.

Lifestyle Medicine

Unique to our program at St. Luke’s Anderson is a focus on Lifestyle Medicine, which acknowledges that the way we and our patients live our daily lives can prevent, treat, and cure many chronic illnesses.

Collaborative academic sessions with our Internal Medicine Residency, clinical experiences in Community and Lifestyle Medicine, and access to our Rodale Organic Farm at the Anderson Campus are only a few of the ways that the St. Luke’s Family Medicine Residency - Anderson prepares residents to prescribe evidence-based lifestyle modification before reaching for a medication prescription pad.

Through our unified vision of creating a capable and creative primary care workforce, the faculty, staff and residents of the St. Luke’s Anderson Family Medicine Residency will build strong relationships that lead to excellent outcomes; for patients, learners, educators, and our community!