School of Nursing

Admissions Dates

Application deadlines:

  • Applicants may be admitted on a rolling basis.
  • Applicants must submit all required items by the deadline below. The admission team selects the most competitive applicants for the admission committee review.

Start and graduation dates:

  • Approximately 100 students are admitted to the nursing program three times yearly.
  • The length of program is 20 months.

Orientation and enrollment session dates:

  • Admitted applicants must attend one enrollment session, prior to the start of class. Mandatory enrollment requirements are reviewed.
  • Admitted applicants must attend the New Student Orientation.
Class of 2026SP (Evening Weekend option) - No longer accepting applications

Evening/Weekend option starting September 3, 2024 (The Class of 2026SP)

Classes start
September 3, 2024

August 5, 2024

April 2026

Deadline for all application items
May 20, 2024


Class of 2026SU (Day option)

Day option starting January 2, 2025 (The Class of 2026SU)

Classes start
January 2, 2025

December 9, 2024

August 2026

Deadline for application and application items
September 20, 2024


Class of 2026FA (Evening Weekend option)

Evening/Weekend option starting April 28, 2025 (The Class of 2026FA)

Classes start
April 28, 2025

March 31, 2025

December 2026

Deadline for application and all items
January 17, 2025