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Community Involvement

Community Health Initiatives

Learning to care for your community does not end in the classroom. Temple/St. Luke’s strongly encourages our students to participate in our Community Health initiatives as a medical school and a Health Network. Make a tangible difference in the community and form impactful relationships within it through any of our community health partnerships.

Community Health & Education Programs (CHEP)

Members of the Community Health and Education Programs (CHEP) host health fairs and educational outreach events with elementary, middle and high schools of the Bethlehem Area School district regarding a variety of important and emerging health topics. For more information, contact Dr.Ike Akusoba at


Student-Led Interprofessional Care Center (SLICC)

SLICC is a medical-student-led care center, housed at the Allentown Recovery Center, in which medical students, residents, and physicians collaborate to address healthcare inequities in the community, specifically targeting those with limited or no health care access. The center aims to improve the relationship between health care professionals and marginalized populations that have a high rate of mistrust in the medical community and to facilitate connections to long-term, primary medical home. For more information, contact Dr.Ike Akusoba at

Donations to support SLICC and our student volunteers are greatly appreciated. Please click here to make a secure online gift.


Laundry on Linden

Laundry on Linden is a volunteer opportunity for medical students in the St. Luke's medical van assisting vulnerable members of our community that need access to free medical care and resources. Students also facilitate free laundry services while educating the community on Naloxone and its role on combating the opioid epidemic. For more information, contact Dr.Ike Akusoba at


Health Equity – Parish Nursing

The Health Equity Parish Nursing program is an outreach arm of St. Luke’s Sacred Heart operating in churches and soup kitchens in the urban core of Allentown, PA focusing on the realms of mind, body and spirit of homeless and near homeless individuals.

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Health, Outreach, Prevention & Education at St. Luke’s (H.O.P.E)


To be recognized as a premier program for the Health, Outreach, Prevention, and Education for persons living with HIV / those at risk for HIV, with a focus on the uninsured and underinsured. This will be accomplished through comprehensive, high quality patient care with reduction of disparities and integration of community partnerships. Program priorities will encompass a holistic approach, leading to a life free from stigma and discrimination.

Our Services Include:

  • HIV Specialty Care
  • Primary Care
  • Case Management
  • Mental Health Support
  • Spiritual Care
  • Nutrition and Health Coaching
  • Legal Assistance
  • HIV Prevention Counseling and Testing
  • Exercise Classes
  • Cooking Classes
  • Support Groups
  • Educational Events
  • Peer Mentorship
  • Social Events
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Housing Assistance
  • Financial Assistance

Come Visit Us At:

100 North Third St., 2nd Floor
Easton, PA 18042
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
Tuesday 10:00 am t0 6:30 pm

502 East Fourth St.
Bethlehem, PA 18015
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8:00 am 4:30 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am to 6:30 pm

Have a special interest that isn’t touched upon in one of these groups? Create one! When we pair our passion for medicine along with care for the community, we become unstoppable.

Learn more about our Community Health initiatives at St. Luke’s here.