School of Medicine


Group of Doctors talking

Students spend all four years at St. Luke’s regional campus in Bethlehem. The same curriculum is taught at both campuses and students are evaluated using the same exams and other metrics. This contemporary curriculum, evidence-based with extensive hands-on clinical training and integration of basic sciences and clinical medicine, prepares students exceptionally well for further training in residency and life-long career development.

With only 40 students in each class, Temple / St. Luke’s is distinguished by its intimate learning environment. Students get to know the faculty during their pre-clinical courses and then go on to rotate with many of the same faculty during their third- and fourth-year clerkships. Students who are part of the Philadelphia campus cohort are also welcome to complete some of their third- and fourth-year clerkships at St. Luke’s. Learning is supported by the academic resources available at both campuses. These include libraries, clinical simulation centers, and technology support. Research and other scholarly opportunities at both campuses complement and enhance the academic experience.

“The students at Temple/St. Luke’s are always supportive of one another. I’ve been able for form close, collaborative relationships with my classmates, which has helped my academic career thrive. We are never pitted against each other, because we all want one another to succeed. In medical school, the relationships you form in an academic setting are ones you rely on to succeed, and I’m thrilled to say my peers at Temple/St. Luke’s have exceeded my expectations.”
– Mikaeel Jan, Class of 2025