Graduate Medical Education

Outpatient Clinics


Extensive experience in ambulatory neurology occurs during all 4 years of the neurology training program.

Neurology Resident Longitudinal Clinic

Continuity of care is essential to the neurology residency training at St. Luke’s. This is part of our core foundation to simulate a private practice setting for our residents. Resident clinic will be staffed by the same 2 attending neurologists for the entirety of their residency career to help with consistency for the residents and continuity for the patients especially with complex cases and future resident turnover every 4 years. This will also provide a special mentoring path for the resident with their supervising attending. The clinics will be supported by the neurology scheduling team and medical assistant and receptionist team a well. Appointment length summary:

New 60 minutes

Follow Ups 30 minutes (60 min for the PGY-1s for their first 3 months)

Residents are expected to personally follow their own patients they treated as inpatients or in the ER. The neurology resident must personally schedule a follow up clinic apptointment in the residents schedule at time of discharge. This is coordinated through the Neurology scheduling team with coordination with central scheduling. It is the responsibility of the resident to see patients in a timely manner.

Any messages related to clinic tasks, are sent directly to the residents in baskets and the resients are responsible for checking and addressing messages throughout the day. All non urgent messages and med refills should be addressed within 24 hours. All residents spend on half day per week throughout their four year residency in the neurology clinic.