Graduate Medical Education

Cardiology Track


St. Luke’s University Hospital in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is one of the first places in the country to offer an exclusive cardiology track for internal medicine residents. This program is based on a pilot run by the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American College of Cardiology. It is designed to enable a highly-motivated and well-qualified candidate to complete three years of internal medicine residency training that is optimally-tailored to prepare you for entry into a cardiology fellowship. The successful candidate will have a demonstrated interest in the specialty of cardiology, with strong board scores, a high class rank, and excellent letters of recommendation. Internal medicine or cardiology-related research is strongly encouraged, but not required.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is the IM-Cardiology track different?
    There is additional time set aside in the schedule for specific Cardiology training. There is a second month during the intern year in place of gastroenterology. During the second year, there are two months of Cardiology (general and heart failure) in place of electives. The final 3 months of the third year are spent on Cardiology electives in order to better prepare you for fellowship. In addition to these added rotations, there are also Cardiology-related mentorship and research opportunities available as well.
  2. Are there any minimum USMLE scores for this track?
    No, we do not have a minimum required USMLE score. Although this is a very competitive track, our evaluation of your application is a holistic process, and you should not let a single poor score or grade deter you from applying.
  3. Do I have to go into cardiology if I match into this track?
    No, but that is really the main purpose of the track. If you are unsure if cardiology is the right field for you, we would encourage you to apply to the general IM track instead.
  4. Can I still go into cardiology at St. Luke’s if I don’t match into the track?
    Yes. We have successfully placed residents into cardiology before the track ever existed, and it is still an option if you don’t match into the track.
  5. Can osteopathic physicians apply for this track?
    Definitely. We encourage all qualified physicians, who are interested, to apply to the track.
  6. Can I apply to this track AND to the general IM (categorical) track?
    Yes. You can apply to both tracks and rank them separately through the NRMP.
  7. Does matching into this track guarantee me a spot in the St. Luke’s cardiology fellowship?
    No. Our hope is that you will apply to, and be accepted into, the cardiology fellowship here, but it is not a guarantee.
  8. What if I would like to know more about this track?
    Please contact Janice Buczui at