Graduate Medical Education

Educational Activities

Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship

Members of the St. Luke’s Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship participate in many educational opportunities covering a broad field. Training is supplemented with weekly and monthly conferences.


  • Fellows Conference
  • Journal Club
  • Interdisciplinary Conferences:
    • Neurology Grand rounds
    • Epilepsy Surgery Conference
    • Electroencephalogram Review Conference

Fellows Conference

This weekly didactic series covers the core curriculum of Clinical Neurophysiology.

Journal Club

Each quarter, notable journal articles are presented by the fellow for discussion and in-depth analysis. This evidence-based, critical review serves to familiarize fellows with the medical literature relevant to clinical neurophysiology as well as electronic search capabilities. Program Director Brian Hanrahan guides fellows through this interactive, educational experience.

Grand Rounds

Once a month, fellows and faculty meet for Neurology Grand Rounds. Additionally, in the spring of the academic year fellows will be asked to present an interesting “Grand Rounds” case followed by a brief review of relevant literature.

Epilepsy Surgery conference

This monthly interdisciplinary conference involves the Epilepsy team, neurosurgeons, radiologist, and psychiatrists with the goal to discuss management of complex medically refractory epilepsy patients. After presenting cases, there is open discussion by those in attendance related to possible treatment interventions including surgical resection, laser ablation, and utilization of neuromodulatory devices such as vagal nerve stimulators, responsive neurostimulators, and deep brain stimulators.

EEG Review Conference

This monthly conference involves the Epilepsy team and our EEG technologists. In this conference, EEG studies are reviewed to educate our EEG technologists in rare benign rhythms, EEG artifacts, ictal patterns, and/or seizure semiology. These conferences will be led by fellows and/or Epilepsy providers.