Graduate Medical Education


Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship

The Clinical Neurophysiology (CNP) Fellowship at St. Luke’s is proud to offer two possible tracks for our trainees. In the past, we have offered only an epilepsy predominant fellowship, with approximately 70% of the clinical training experience related to EEG/Epilepsy, 20% related to Neuromuscular/EMG, and 10% related to Intraoperative monitoring and sleep medicine. However, starting with the 2025-2026 academic year, we will also offer a track with an even split between both EEG/Epilepsy and Neuromuscular/EMG. Our clinical rotation schedule is broken down into 13 four-week blocks. Details of both the EEG-predominant and EEG/EMG split tracks can be found below:

EEG-predominant track: Epilepsy Monitoring Unit/Long term monitoring (6 blocks), Outpatient EEGs/Epilepsy Clinic (3 blocks), EMG/Neuromuscular Clinic (3 blocks), Sleep/IOM (1 block)

Split EEG/EMG track: EMG/Neuromuscular Clinic (6 blocks), Outpatient EEGs/Epilepsy Clinic (3 blocks), Epilepsy Monitoring Unit/Long term Monitoring (3 blocks), Sleep/IOM (1 block)

Please note, our program will continue to match fellows with only 1 NRMP Code (2176187F0) (EEG-predominant Track) due to the inability to offer multiple tracks for a single fellowship position in the MATCH program. However, applicants should be assured that either track is possible after successfully matching here at St. Luke's.