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Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship

Cardiovascular disease fellowship

Our three-year Cardiology Fellowship enrolls four fellows per year of training and is designed to provide a high-level of clinical experience and exposure in the field of cardiovascular disease. Our goal is to provide outstanding training in classroom or virtual setting the evaluation and management of a wide variety of patients with acute and chronic cardiovascular diseases. The experiences obtained by cardiovascular disease fellows in this program allow them to acquire the competency and expertise of a specialist in the field of cardiovascular diseases.

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We believe that every cardiovascular trainee should participate directly in research. This is because cardiology is a dynamic clinical field in which the rapid transfer of knowledge from basic and clinical research to clinical care will continue to occur and that this pattern will only accelerate in the future.

We define cardiovascular research in the broadest terms possible because recent history makes it abundantly clear that advances in the care of patients with cardiovascular disease have come from diverse areas of medical science. We believe that the research experience plays a unique role in developing the skills in continuing self-education needed by all cardiovascular specialists.

Karen Iavarone

Karen Iavarone
Sr. Program Specialist

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