Graduate Medical Education



Residents also have the opportunity to select specialized rotations and become involved in our research mentorship program as an integral part of their residency training and preparation of fellowship training. Our graduates enter into competitive fellowship programs at a high placement rate. In addition to St. Luke’s University Health Network, some of the institutions where our residents have trained include: Deborah Heart and Lung Center, Drexel University, Ochsner Clinic, Penn State Hershey Medical Center, Rush University, Virginia Commonwealth Medical Center, University of California-San Francisco, University of Colorado, University of Maryland, University of South Florida, University of Vermont, Vanderbilt University, Wake Forest and the Wright Center. Many of our fellowship-trained graduates return to teach and take leadership positions at St. Luke’s. For our residency program, this is the strongest endorsement of the training that we have provided.

Ana Aldea, DO
Infectious Disease
Class of 2015
“I came back to St. Luke’s because I knew it would be a positive environment where I could start my career as an attending in Infectious Diseases. It truly is a special place where everyone is extremely focused, knowledgeable, and hardworking, yet they always manage to remain friendly, collegial, and respectful of one another.”

Tom Gallagher, DO
Class of 2015
“I felt well prepared during the application process for fellowship as well as for specialty training itself because of the support, education, and assistance from both the medicine and specialty attendings at St. Luke's. The sense of community and teamwork made it an easy decision to return to work at St. Luke's after my fellowship.”

Hina Trivedi DO
Class of 2014
“When I started my nephrology fellowship, attendings in fellowship asked me where I trained. I proudly said I completed internal medicine training at St. Luke's. The varied cases, IM program curriculum and supportive attendings were invaluable. I am now a nephrologist working at St. Luke's and am happy to be back!”

Erin Bendas, DO
Hospice and Palliative Medicine
Class of 2013
“I was fortunate to receive my residency and fellowship training at St. Luke's University Hospital. The Internal Medicine program provided me with the skill set and knowledge base to enter the workforce fully capable as a young physician. Furthermore, the training that they provided made it possible to move into a leadership role early in my career. I was overjoyed to be able to return to St. Luke's and now I look forward to training more palliative medicine physicians as the director of the fellowship program.”

Ajay Abichandani, MD
Class of 2015
“The St. Luke’s Internal Medicine Residency Program provided me with a platform to develop a strong knowledge base and gain valuable clinical experience that prepared me for a career in cardiology. After residency, I matched in the in-house Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship and after a rewarding journey will be joining St. Luke’s Cardiology Associates as non-invasive cardiologist. I am proud to be a part of the St. Luke’s family!”

Stephanie Rabenold, DO
Geriatric Medicine
Class of 2016
“My experiences throughout my training (medical student clinical rotations, internal medicine residency, geriatric fellowship) at St. Luke’s solidified my choice to continue working here. Patient care and continued learning are always emphasized, (even after you graduate!) through diverse patient populations and clinical settings. As our patients age, having a geriatric rotation embedded in the internal medicine curriculum is essential for comprehensive care of our patients, addressing not only chronic medical conditions, but also learning to adapt care plans for our elderly patients with additional focus on geriatric syndromes. The geriatric fellowship at St. Luke’s allows the internal medicine physician to build upon the knowledge gained in residency, integrating the practice of geriatrics into routine internal medicine care.”