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RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) season: What parents need to know

Graduate Medical Education


Transitional year
Alissa Aboff

“I loved my Transitional Year at St. Luke’s, and I cannot imagine myself having been happier anywhere else. The environment is education-friendly and supportive. I am thankful to have formed great relationships with my co-residents that I will carry with me moving forward.”
– Alissa Aboff, MD Class of 2018 Radiology Resident at Brown University

Kevin Chu

“I heard great things about the TY program from an upperclassman, so I really wanted to come. I’m grateful to have matched at the program, as it’s been an awesome year so far that has exceeded expectations. I’d be very happy to work here as an attending in the future.”
– Kevin Chu, MD, Class of 2018 Radiology Resident at New York University

Neelabh Maheshwari

“St. Luke’s has an exceptional transitional year that allowed me to take rotations in a wide variety of specialties. The faculty have a passion for teaching and I made excellent friends with my co-residents.”
– Neelabh Maheshwari, MD, Class of 2018 Radiology Resident at Drexel University

Amanda Rivera MD

“I would like to send my regards and say thank you to all the internal medicine attendings, ICU attendings and former/current residents in the program at St. Luke's. My training as an intern there proved so helpful during my redeployment in the surge of the COVID19 pandemic in NYC. I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to have honed the skills I never knew I would need to fight this virus during my time there and it is all thanks to you. I am happy that I was able to remember my training 4 years after to aid on the front lines.”
– Amanda Rivera MD, Class of 2016 Chief Resident Physician
PGY-5 Radiation Oncology
Montefiore Einstein
Center for Cancer Care