Graduate Medical Education



Our curriculum is designed to prepare our graduates to begin to be able to practice independently in all fields of psychiatry or provide a firm base for further fellowship training. They will complete their non-psychiatry rotations at the Anderson Campus where an integrative approach to medicine and collaboration with other trainees begins day one. The inpatient rotations in psychiatry will be on a variety of inpatient services throughout our system with exposure to all of our core faculty.

Child and Adolescent inpatient as a PGY 2 will be through our affiliation with Kids Peace, a facility with over 100 inpatient beds as well as outpatient services, partial and residential programs. For those residents interested in electives there will be an opportunity as PGY 4 to see other services or return to inpatient in a more independent role.

Addiction medicine exposure is with our own board certified Addiction Psychiatrist and all residents will have the chance to become Buprenorphine prescribers. On geropsychiatry they will have the opportunity to see and perform under direct supervision ECT. Also as part of our initiative to give residents training in all avenues of care, during their consultation-liaison rotations they will gain experience in tele-psychiatry. During PGY 3 year they will rotate in a primary clinic providing collaborative care as well as have their independent outpatient experience. As a PGY 4 they will rotate as inpatient chiefs and have opportunity for electives (forensics, addictions, ECT/nursing home, pain management, palliative care etc) as they transition to independent practice. They will carry select outpatients for 2 years of continuous therapy and medication management.

Sample schedule is below:

    • 4 blocks of inpatient psychiatry at St Luke’s Sacred Heart
    • 3 blocks of ED crisis at St Luke’s Sacred Heart
    • 3 blocks Internal medicine at St Luke’s Anderson
    • 2 blocks of neurology
    • 1 block of emergency medicine at St Luke’s Anderson
    • 2 blocks Geropsychiatry at St Luke’s Sacred Heart
    • 3 blocks inpatient at St Luke’s Sacred Heart
    • 2 blocks Addiction medicine
    • 2 blocks child and adolescent psychiatry at Kids Peace and St. Luke’s Easton
    • 1 block ED crisis at St Luke’s Sacred Heart
    • 3 blocks Consultation –Liaison psychiatry at St Luke’s Anderson
  • All 13 blocks are outpatient care with 1 day a week at an FQHC providing collaborative, integrated care.

    • 5 blocks of continuous outpatient
    • 3 blocks as inpatient chief resident
    • 1 block somatic therapy rotation (ECT/TMS)
    • 4 blocks of electives