Graduate Medical Education

Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship

 St. Luke’s Sports Medicine provides a higher level of care for a higher level of performance.

Nestled in the beautiful Lehigh Valley, St. Luke's is the perfect place to live and learn. Our fellowship is enriched with a wide array of primary care sports medicine physicians and orthopedic subspecialties. The fellowship goal is to provide comprehensive training in all aspects of the specialty including hands-on experience for ultrasound procedures and in-depth non-operative fracture management. Our fellows have been very successful post-fellowship in a variety of career options ranging from being university team physicians to working in orthopedic groups. Our patient centered approach is reflected in all aspects of care and we continuously work to stay at the forefront of technology.



Salient Features

  • Anatomy crash course at fellowship start using ANATOMAGE virtual dissection table:
  • US Guided joint injections - all major joints and multiple small joints, bursa, etc.
  • Diagnostic ultrasound as adjunct to clinical practice
  • PRP injections
  • Needle barbotage
  • TENEX (ultrasound guided percutaneous tenotomy)
  • Hydrodissection
  • In-depth non-operative fracture management
  • Learn in conjunction with an orthopedic residency program - access to all orthopedic residency educational resources
  • Sports Coverage at high school, collegiate and elite levels across a variety of sports
  • College Health Center experience
  • Collaborative research opportunities and support of a well organized research institute
  • Well established sports cardiology program including pediatric and adult subspecialties and electrophysiologists
  • Multidisciplinary Sports Concussion program
  • Specialized workshops for injection training, splinting/casting, sideline emergency management, SIM lab experience

Once a part of St. Luke’s. … Always a part of St. Luke’s.