Graduate Medical Education


Robert Diamond, DPM
Program Director

Dr. Diamond is the St. Luke’s Podiatric Residency Program Director, the Chief of Podiatry and a member of the St. Luke’s Podiatry Practice. He has served as an instructor with the program since its inception. Dr. Diamond is board certified in foot surgery by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery. Dr. Diamond is a member of the St. Luke’s Hospital Medical Executive Committee and the St. Luke’s University Health Network Graduate Medical Education Committee.

Brent Bernstein, DPM
Assistant Program Director

Dr. Bernstein is the St. Luke’s Podiatric Residency Assistant Program Director and a member of the St. Luke’s Podiatry Practice. Dr. Bernstein is board certified in foot and ankle surgery by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery. He also specializes in complex deformity corrections, complicated wounds and bone infections. Dr. Bernstein has dedicated his professional life to the preservation of the lower extremity and prevention of amputations. Dr. Bernstein is heavily involved in research and incorporates it into the residency program.

Maggie Keefer

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The St. Luke’s Podiatry Residency Program has generated the interest of many highly qualified, local podiatric surgeons in becoming staff members and participants on our teaching staff. This ensures a diversity of experiences for residents in both medicine and surgery.

Podiatric Faculty

  • Lora Baker, DPM
  • Megan Balliet, DPM
  • Brent Bernstein, DPM
  • Eric Bronfenbrenner, DPM
  • Elliot Busch, DPM
  • Joseph Campbell, DPM
  • Nimish Chokshi, DPM
  • Byron Cook, DPM
  • Raymond Fritz, DPM
  • Justin Guiliana, DPM
  • Edwin Hart, DPM
  • Maryann Hartzell, DPM
  • Dusty Haverly, DPM
  • Doug Hutson, DPM
  • Jung Lee, DPM
  • Mark Maehrer, DPM
  • Raymond McCarroll, DPM
  • Alexander Newton, DPM
  • Ashley Quinlan, DPM
  • Thomas Rocchio, DPM
  • Kevin Short, DPM
  • Melissa Shukla, DPM
  • Edward Schwartz, DPM
  • Adam Teichman, DPM

Non-Podiatric Faculty

  • Steven Chen, MD, Radiology
  • Carmen Diaz-Burney, MD, Behavioral Health
  • Gregory Domer, MD, Vascular Surgery
  • Peter Ender, MD, Infectious Disease
  • Daniel Heckman, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
  • Mark Hosak, MD, Emergency Medicine
  • Kara Mascitti, MD, Infectious Disease
  • Marian McDonald, MD, General Surgery
  • Michael Morrissey, MD, Plastic Surgery
  • Bradley Parlin, DO, Anesthesiology
  • Cara Ruggeri, DO, Internal Medicine
  • Stephen Schleicher, MD, Dermatology
  • Steven Tellschow, MD, Pathology
  • Maheep Vikram, MD, Sports Medicine