Graduate Medical Education

Research & Scholarly Activity

Internal medicine

Scholarly research is an essential component of our residency program. A lifelong interest in research and scholarly activity is an important skill to cultivate. The resident research efforts are supported by the program director, the faculty, and St. Luke’s Department of Research and Innovation. Essential for success in research are faculty mentors, research support, and the opportunity to develop and learn skills in research including methodology and investigation. During the first year each resident will meet with a faculty mentor to discuss research interests and career goals. The goal is to connect residents with faculty mentors throughout St. Luke’s Network who share common scholarly interests and to be able to learn from their experiences and share in their knowledge. There are monthly dedicated Research/Quality Improvement Conferences the last Friday of each month.

  • All residents are required to participate in a Quality Improvement/Patient Safety Related Project during their residency program.
  • In addition, there is a resident scholarly requirement: this can be satisfied by preparing and presenting a Grand Rounds Presentation, and/or submission and presentation of an abstract at a regional or national conference and/or writing and submission of a manuscript that is publication suitable.
  • While we are only a first-year program, our residents have accomplished much. Our Internal Medicine Residents have had multiple abstract presentations accepted for national conferences including American Thoracic Society, American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, and American College of Physicians National Conference over the past academic year.