Graduate Medical Education

Orthopedic Surgery Residency

Orthopedic surgery

St. Luke’s Orthopedic Surgery Residency is a rigorous, five-year training program that will prepare residents to be leaders in the orthopedic community. Upon completion of this program, residents will have the knowledge and skills necessary to compete for the best fellowships available in their area of interest. It will also provide them with the ability to go directly into practice as well-trained orthopedic surgeons.

The Orthopedic Surgery Residency is primarily concentrated within St. Luke’s University Health Network. The only time residents will be off-site is for their pediatric orthopedic surgery rotation. This rotation is six months in length and takes place at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Residents rotate through all subspecialties during the five year program, obtaining adequate exposure to all disciplines of orthopedic surgery. In addition to clinical training, residents participate in hands-on courses and cadaveric labs covering anatomic dissections, methods of internal and external fixation and joint reconstruction.

Residents are given increasing responsibilities as their surgical skills allow. Our program utilizes a mentorship model, where each resident rotates one on one with an attending physician. With this method, the resident is given a unique opportunity to directly interact with the attending during surgery and office hours, providing a more personal learning experience while eliminating double resident scrubbed cases. This mentorship method allows immediate skill development, and combined with a high volume of cases, ensures that residents will have the opportunity to hone their surgical skills while being exposed to a diverse case load.

Additionally, our residents have the opportunity to mentor medical students with Temple/St. Luke’s School of Medicine and attend daily conferences, such as: orthopedic grand rounds, visiting professorships, morbidity and mortality conference, indications conference, and more. There is ample opportunity for clinical research and each resident will be encouraged to complete at least one refereed publication during the five-year program. For those residents who are interested, there is also the potential to be involved in basic science research through our unique partnership with Lehigh University.

“Our unique mentorship-based program unites the feel of a larger academic program with the personal touch of a community hospital. Our facilities, resources, and teaching techniques are second-to-none and provide a solid orthopedic education for those who train with us.”