Graduate Medical Education

Bariatric/Foregut Surgery Fellowship

Bariatric Surgery Fellowship

St. Luke’s Bariatric/Foregut Surgery Fellowship provides a structured one-year clinical educational experience to enable surgeons to become competent in the field of bariatric surgery. As a fellow, you will be exposed to a variety of bariatric cases, and you will be directly involved in preoperative and postoperative care of bariatric patient. Here, in addition to your clinical duties, you will have the opportunity to participate in educational conferences and train residents and medical students.

You will also spend time in our outpatient clinic at St. Luke’s Weight Management Center, a Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP) accredited center. In our center, you will gain an appreciation of the multidisciplinary approach by joining our team that consists of two bariatric surgeons, a bariatrician, social workers, dieticians, physician assistants, nurses and a coordinator and you will be directly involved in providing comprehensive weight loss counseling and treatment.

Our program focuses on teaching fellows the fundamentals of bariatric surgery and the management of bariatric patients. With around 500 bariatric cases performed each year, you will be exposed to various bariatric procedures and develop an understanding of the risks and benefits of each procedure. You will develop basic and advanced laparoscopic while performing primary bariatric procedures. Also, fellows will be exposed to a variety of technically challenging revisional surgeries.

Because excellent patient care involves so much more than surgery, you will learn the best clinical practices to improve outcomes and safety, as well as the importance of postoperative support and follow up. We will instruct you on how to effectively manage postoperative patients with weight gain or complications.

Finally, through your emergence in our program, you will learn how to establish and manage a comprehensive weight loss program.

Since 2017, the Bariatric/Foregut Fellowship at St. Luke’s has prepared fellows to work in various roles across the country.