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At St. Luke’s, we understand that health includes more than just your body. Just like the treatment and care we need if we have the flu, an injury, or cancer, sometimes our mental health needs some tender loving care as well.

Keeping up with the demands of family, work or school can be challenging and we don’t always take the time to stop and realize how we are feeling. St. Luke’s Behavioral Health Services offers a variety professional resources that can help get you back on track.

From psychotherapy support groups to school-based programs for adolescents, teens and high school age students, St. Luke’s can connect you with the care that’s right for you, a loved one or friend. Seeking support or counseling services can help you find effective strategies to manage anxiety or depression, or help you work through difficult life events such as illness, marital problems and divorce, grief, bereavement, relationships, or many other personal issues.