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Addiction Services

Almost 20 million Americans battle addiction and substance use disorders every year. Causes include genetics, mental health disorders and environmental factors such as family situation. Addiction and substance disorders don't care what color you are, how much money you make or where you live. And often times, people dealing with such disorders also end up dealing with legal, relationship and other health issues as well.

Long-term substance disorders can lead to a weakened immune system, kidney and liver damage, heart issues and other behavioral health issues. The good news is, you can recover from addiction -- intervention and care via an addiction treatment program can make a big difference in a your future health.

St. Luke’s new Level IV Medical Detoxification Unit is equipped to treat the most complex presentations of substance use disorder and is the only type of medical detoxification unit with the ability to simultaneously manage substance use disorder while treating new or underlying medical conditions. For more information or to make a referral, call 610-776-4952 or email