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Extended Acute Care Unit Extended Acute Care Unit

Extended Acute Care Unit

St. Luke’s University Health Network’s Extended Acute Care (EAC) Unit is available for patients who need more time to learn how to manage their mental illness long-term.

The EAC, located at St. Luke’s Sacred Heart Campus in Allentown, is a mental health inpatient program for adults 18 years and older who need additional support following an inpatient admission to a short-term behavioral health unit. An individual’s stay can vary from a few weeks to a few months depending on their mental health care needs.

The core therapeutic program focuses on providing services to individuals in a collaborative and therapeutic setting, which is focused on the 10 principles of recovery: Self-Direction, Individualized and Person Centered, Empowerment, Holistic, Non-Linear, Strengths-Based, Peer Support, Respect, Responsibility and Hope. As everyone’s recovery process is unique, an individual’s treatment will be guided by a recovery plan created with the individual and the collaborative care team. The team is comprised of a psychiatrist, licensed social worker/therapist, peer specialist and the nursing team.

Additionally, this program promotes interdependence and encourages cooperative and collaborative interactions with consumers, families, staff, providers and community groups.  Services are provided to assist individuals to develop, enhance and/or retain emotional and behavioral well-being, physical and mental health wellness, social/quality of life and community reintegration. Recovery for individuals with mental illness and complicating behavioral problems must be positive in its approach, based on the person’s strengths and assets, and delivered with dignity and respect. 

Referral to the Extended Acute Care (EAC) Unit
Admission to our program requires a referral from a medical care provider.
Call 484-602-2159 to refer a patient.

St. Luke’s Extended Acute Care Unit is located at St. Luke’s Sacred Heart Campus at 421 W Chew Street in Allentown, PA.