Support Support Groups

Support Groups

Recent studies have shown that patients who regularly attend bariatric support group meetings lose more weight and are more successful in maintaining their weight loss. For this reason, weight loss surgery support group participation is highly recommended and strongly encouraged for any individual having or considering weight loss surgery. All are welcome; adults only, please.

Our support groups are held 2 times monthly and are virtual:

3rd Monday of every month at 6:00 pm.  To join an evening meeting at this day and time, CLICK HERE

2nd Wednesday of every month at 12:00 noon.  To join an afternoon meeting at this day and time, CLICK HERE.


Guest Speakers and Useful Topics

During the support group nutrition and exercise topics are always touched upon. Guest speakers may discuss topics ranging from stress management and body image to foot problems and clothing tips. Open forums are held once or twice a year to give you the opportunity to ask questions of the bariatric team and patients. Meetings provide the opportunity to share success stories and to find the patient in the audience from their “before surgery picture.” 

Facebook Support Page for St. Luke’s Weight Management Patients

Although not a replacement for attending the support groups, the bariatric services Facebook support page is another place to have your questions answered and to share in the struggles, concerns and achievements of other bariatric surgery patients. Here, you can also find agendas for our upcoming support groups. Once you become a St. Luke’s Weight Management Center patient you can join our Facebook page by going to St. Luke’s Bariatric Patient Forum on Facebook. The Facebook support page should not be used for quick replies or for discussing medical problems. Please always call the office with a medical concern or question.