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Denise Heberling

Coplay • Lost 67 pounds
Medical Weight Loss Program

Denise Heberling

I am no longer on any medication and my blood pressure is great! Starting the medical approach to dieting has saved me psychologically.– Denise

I never struggled with my weight. I was always thin. However, after my second pregnancy, I never really lost the weight, but it never really bothered me. Life was busy with three children; I stayed up late, even into the early morning either working the late shift or getting housework done. Those late nights at home or at work were my alone time and also my time to snack and enjoy food. It wasn’t until my youngest was in school full time and I began to work more day hours that I realized how much I had become a closet eater. I never wanted to eat in front of people. I felt they would watch what I ate and say, “See what she eats? No wonder she is heavy.”

At a doctor’s appointment, I was diagnosed with significantly high blood pressure, which the doctor explained was a result of being obese. I wondered how I let myself get like this? After that, I set a goal for myself to not be heavy at my son’s upcoming wedding. I tried to lose weight on my own, but because the results weren’t there, I would give up and sink into more depression and self-loathing.

I did not tell anyone about my decision to start the medical weight loss plan because I feared I wouldn’t be able to lose the weight and that pressure of everyone being disappointed in me was too much to bear.

But I did lose weight! At two weeks, I lost 12 pounds! This was unbelievable to me! By eight weeks, I lost 30 pounds and it continued from there. I had never lost weight so easily and so quickly. That was all I needed to keep going. I had no trouble at all after the first few days adjusting to the new diet and supplements. After about two weeks, I had no desire to cheat and my sweet tooth was gone.

I am no longer on any medication and my blood pressure is great! Starting the medical approach to dieting has saved me psychologically. I was becoming very self-critical and I always thought people were judging me. I didn’t want my husband to look at me. I didn’t believe any of his compliments because I felt he was just being nice. In my eyes, there was no way I looked good being so heavy. And the more upset I got, the more I made excuses to eat.

Now, I sleep well, exercise regularly and I don’t have a problem taking those compliments from my husband. LIFE IS GOOD!

My husband started the St. Luke’s program, too. He is now down to his high school weight and since we have been together since we were 15, I feel like we are back in high school again. We get excited about making spaghetti squash pizza and finding new vegetables to try. Trying on clothes in a dressing room no longer results in tears. For anyone who has questions about the medical approach to weight loss, I would say to talk to someone who has done it. It is easy and manageable and the weight comes off quickly. You’ll be amazed that doing something so simple could result in better health and happiness. Life is too short to be crying in dressing rooms!