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Darin Carlton

Albrightsville • Lost 95 pounds
Medical Weight Loss Program

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Losing weight changed my life – I feel much better, less exhausted and better about how I look. – Darin

I was always heavy and made excuses about it. I always thought “I’m a big guy” and never thought I could be anything more than that. About five years ago, I started to realize I was way too heavy when I started a new job which required me to be on my feet and moving 10+ hours a day. I was completely exhausted. Also, I turned 50 and recognized that the majority of men in my family didn’t usually make it to 60. So I started to look at weight loss programs. I considered surgery, but decided to try it without surgical intervention first.

I started the Medical Weight Loss Program with St. Luke’s. I liked that this weight loss method was medically supervised to provide the safest, most effective weight loss solutions available; I knew I couldn’t do this on my own. I didn’t have any fears or reservations about it – I was all in. I had a family member in the program when I first started who helped me with my journey and that support was a big part of my success.

I started noticing the weight loss at about three months and I felt much better than I had in a long time. I didn’t feel the “weight” in my legs anymore. A big challenge was not falling back into bad habits that had been reinforced over a lifetime. Even cheating a little bit was not helping me or getting me to my goal. I kept telling himself that this was a marathon, not a sprint. I reminded myself that I did not get as heavy as I did overnight and I wasn’t going to lose the weight overnight either. Eventually, the weight just kept coming off and I realized I could lose even more (up to the 95 pound weight loss I’m at today.) I felt silly for not doing this sooner!

My advice to anyone considering the Medical Weight Loss program at St. Luke’s is simple – DO IT! Losing weight changed my life – I feel much better, less exhausted and better about how I look. When I was really heavy, I could not run three feet much less three miles. Now, I can run three miles with a fair amount of ease and I’m working up to running in a 10K. My family and friends are proud of me, but more importantly, I’m proud of myself.