St. Luke’s 11th Annual Fashion Show of Bariatric Patients
April 16, 2019

WHO: Twenty-five patients will strut the runway in the latest spring fashions in new healthy figures made possible by bariatric (weight loss) surgery, a lot of support and drastic lifestyle changes. These models never imagined that they would be able to wear stylish clothes that fit beautifully or feel comfortable modeling in front of an audience when they were clinically obese just a few short months ago.

But, on April 17th, they will! The models were patients suffering with obesity and who may have also had diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, sleep apnea and orthopedic problems.  They all share a commonality—their lives have been forever changed by weight loss surgery at St. Luke’s.  All together, they have lost more than 2,850 pounds of body weight and have recovered from many of their former health issues.

WHEN: 6:30 - 8:30 pm on Wednesday, April 17, 2019

(For interviews and photos with patient models before the fashion show, please arrive by 6:00 pm and meet Karen Boksan in the lobby)

WHERE: Scottish Rite Cathedral Auditorium, 1533 W. Hamilton St., Allentown

Bariatric surgery is life-changing. Patients successfully lose weight, gain confidence and enjoy healthier, fuller and more active lives. As the scale shows the measurable loss of weight, the patient’s quality of life — both physical and emotional — improves. The joy that this transformation brings to each person cannot be measured on a scale, but can be seen and felt at this inspiring annual event.

Featured Local Participants:

  • Jamie Nicholas
  • Dee Goss
  • Tracy Crawford
  • Kim Veras – Benton
  • Amber Monahan
  • Iris Rodriguez
  • Vanessa Paschoaletto
  • Barbara Adams
  • Linda Luther Veno
  • Andrea Fioriglio
  • Linda Willis
  • Kelly Hernandez
  • Stephanie Dolph
  • Arjanquie Brunner
  • Arjanick Brunner
  • Denise Sullivan
  • Lynn Cicero
  • Karen Gregor
  • Chrissie Holland
  • Elsy Torres
  • Brandi Fogel
  • Nichol Drōzd
  • Kristi Armitage
  • Will Eberle
  • Guillermo Melendez