Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information
Feeding the Frontlines Feeding the Frontlines

Feeding the Frontlines

Feeding the Frontlines is a special St. Luke’s initiative meant to show support for our healthcare heroes, while also helping the local restaurant community. Monetary gifts to this initiative will be used to purchase gift cards for our frontline healthcare workers caring for COVID-19 patients. Our hope is to make their life a little easier at the end of a long shift, so they can grab a pre-cooked meal for their family. The network is already supplying our frontline healthcare workers with free meals during their shift, so this initiative helps eliminate the risk of community spread when unsafe deliveries are made to campuses.

When making a monetary gift online, please select “Feeding the Frontlines” from the dropdown menu below. If you are mailing a check (please see instructions above), please indicate that your gift is intended to support "St. Luke’s Feeding the Frontlines."

You can also purchase gift cards directly from your favorite restaurant and mail them to St. Luke’s (click here for more information).

Making Food Donations

If you are interested in making a food donation to St. Luke’s please follow the criteria below for a proper and safe donation to our facilities. Our campus cafeteria staff will determine if your donation meets these criteria successfully by performing quality checks.

  • Only food produced in a facility with a commercial kitchen with a valid food license will be accepted, no homemade foods please.
  • Please provide the food being donated, along with the total number of servings and the number of servings per item.
  • Depending on the type of food, donated foods must be kept out of the temperature danger zone, which is between 41F and 140F.
  • No platter style foods, raw or cooked, will be accepted (i.e. cheese & veggie trays or sandwich platters).

For more information on how to donate food, please email

As a recognized 501 (c)(3) charitable organization, any gift you make to St. Lukeʼs is tax deductible.