Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information
Convalescent Plasma Donation Convalescent Plasma Donation

Convalescent Plasma Donation

Did you beat COVID-19? Your plasma can help save a life.

Did you know that when people recover from COVID-19, their blood contains antibodies that their bodies produced to fight off the coronavirus? These powerful, disease-fighting antibodies are found in plasma, a component of the blood. These antibodies can help someone else battling the virus.

“In order for the convalescent plasma program to be successful and allow us to help the greatest number of patients, we really need the help of all of our recovered patients,” says St. Luke’s Anesthesiologist Eric Tesoriero, DO. “That’s how we will truly make a difference.”

If you are a COVID-19 recoveree, we have never needed your help more.

If you think you may be a candidate for donation, please contact your primary care physician or Liz Nivar at St. Luke's Pulmonary and Critical Care Associates (484-503-0350). One of our providers will complete the paperwork necessary for Miller-Keystone Blood Center to proceed.

For more information about plasma, please visit