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Bryn Thorpe

Bryn Thorpe

Nazareth • Lost 200 pounds
Laparoscopic Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass

I have always been on the heavy side with lots of health problems like hypothyroidism and pre-diabetes, so I decided, after many failed attempts to lose weight, I would try bariatric surgery. I knew that as I got older, my health problems would multiply and I would never achieve my health goals. I found the St. Luke’s bariatric surgery program through word of mouth and online research. I’ve never had any experience whatsoever with surgery so the concept scared me. But with the help of the St. Luke’s staff and counselors and my mother and grandmother supporting and encouraging me, I realized that going through with surgery was worth any risk if it would change my life for the better.

The expert surgeons got me through the operation with no problems and I started to notice a difference within the first week. All of my weight just melted off. I felt great! Any residual pain post surgery was minimal. The biggest challenge was altering my diet to always make sure I was getting enough protein and staying hydrated. Now, I enjoy being active like so many young women my age; I go jogging, walking, hiking, swimming, kayaking, lifting weights and much, much more.

To say that having the surgery was life changing is an understatement. Not only am I no longer at risk for diabetes, but every other aspect of my life has changed. Feeling better about myself has made me work harder at my job and set career goals. I learned to love myself and my body again. Feeling good about myself has helped in all the relationships in my life, too. I’ve gained confidence, health and love of myself. For anyone like me who is just starting out in life and a career, I’d say to make sure you get yourself healthy first or all your other goals will falter. You have one shot to live your best life - why not make it a good one? If doing it for yourself isn’t motivation enough, do it for your loved ones, your future children and all the people who love you.

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