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Brian Billig

Brian Billig

Palmerton • Down 196 pounds
Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass

Weighing in at more than 400 pounds, with a 66” waistline, I would get home from work and just collapse. My weekends were spent resting, to go back to work. My wife was worried about my health, but she was also scared about the risks of surgery. After we did our research and consulted with the experts at St. Luke’s, we realized that having the surgery would save my life. Before surgery, I took three insulin shots a day and my other medications took up an entire cabinet. Now, I’m medicine free! I now have the energy and ability to do things like travel, help out around the house and go to hockey games and amusement parks. Life is too precious to waste it by feeling tired all the time. Do this for yourself, you won’t regret it!

NOTE: Brian is saying good-bye to his old belt – he has gone from a 66” waistline to 42”.

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