Lillybeth Birriel

Dr. Lillybeth Birriel

Dr. Lillybeth Birriel is a medical weight loss family physician at St. Luke’s Weight Management Center.

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It’s important to know each patient as an individual, not just as a patient.”

– Dr. Lillybeth Birriel

Dr. Birriel helps tailor the best plan of action for each individual on their weight loss journey. She monitors underlying health issues from the beginning through the end of treatment.


Dr. Birriel began her medical career at St. Luke’s. She served as Medical Director at St. Luke’s South Bethlehem Family Practice after serving on the hospital staff as a family medical physician. Dr. Birriel chose to take extra training and become a weight management specialist after treating many patients in her family practice who were dealing with diabetes and other comorbidities related to their excess weight. “In my other practice, I was putting people on medications for their conditions,” she said. “Here we can get people off their medications when they see improvements in their weight.”

The medical weight management program is designed to help patients make dietary, lifestyle and activity changes and to maintain their weight loss over time. Dr. Birriel and support staff provide the help weight loss patients need through group and individual sessions.

She is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians and, most recently, the Obesity Medicine Association.

Dr. Birriel is fluent in English and Spanish.

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Dr. Birriel received her medical degree from Ponce School of Medicine on Ponce, Puerto Rico. After graduation, she completed her residency in Family Medicine at the Penn State University – Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. Dr. Birriel received both Exceptional Teacher and Exceptional Role Model Certificates from Hershey Medical Center.