When an emergency strikes

Sean Kempf is a 19 year old who was struck by a car after closing up for work in the early morning of Thanksgiving, November 22, 2012. He was taken by the Bethlehem Township EMS to St Luke’s University Hospital where he was found to have a fracture neck, open fractures of all 4 limbs, an unstable pelvic fracture, contused lungs and both liver and spleen lacerations. He underwent emergent stabilization of his spine and was place in the ICU where he remained unstable for days. He subsequently needed 6 more orthopedic and neurosurgical procedure to repair his extensive injuries. He was discharge to acute rehabilitation after 30 days in the hospital. Against all odds, Sean recovered from his injuries and was able to graduate high school on time.

Christopher Pierson is a 18 year old skier who crashed at Camelback Mountain on March 18,2012. Ski patrol immediately realized that his injuries were serious and had him flown by PennStar to St. Luke’s University hospital. There, he was diagnosed with a spine fracture that rendered him paraplegic. He immediately underwent spinal decompression surgery by the St. Luke’s neurosurgeons and then spent the next four days in the ICU at St. Luke’s to provide perfusion to his injured spinal cord. After months of rehabilitation Christopher was able to recover function in his legs and is now back on the slopes.