School of Medicine

Pre-Clinical Years

Group of Doctors talking

The two-year pre-clinical curriculum is taught using an integrated approach, closely tying basic science concepts to clinical medicine, professionalism and medical ethics.

Year 1 emphasizes normal human structure, function and development. The subject matter is organized into six “blocks,” which are taken sequentially. The first two blocks focus on topics that are central to diverse organ systems and the following four blocks cover specific organ systems. In the Doctoring 1 course, which is taken throughout Year 1, students learn to take a patient’s history and perform a physical exam, while also learning important aspects of professionalism, medical ethics, and communication through clinical cases and interactive clinical scenarios.

Year 2 focuses on the causes, mechanisms, identification, and treatment of diseases affecting the different organ systems and is organized into five sequential blocks and Doctoring 2, taken throughout the year. Workshops and clinical case-solving emphasize problem-based learning in a small group setting. Through both simulation sessions and closely supervised ambulatory and hospital rotations in Doctoring 2, students practice clinical skills and deepen their understanding of professionalism. At the end of Year 2, students have a designated study period to prepare for and take Step 1 of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE.)

Anshul Agarwala

“My decision to attend Temple / St. Luke’s was based heavily upon the wonderful community atmosphere of the hospital. I felt that a personal relationship with the instructors and physicians who teach us would be important during my time as a medical student. I have been thrilled with the relationships that I have developed amongst my fellow peers as well as the professionals who guide and help us.”
– Anshul Agarwala, Class of 2015

For Doctoring courses, all LKSOM students are sorted into Doctoring Colleges. All Temple / St. Luke’s students belong to the Charles Saunders Doctoring College. The faculty preceptors who teach Doctoring 1 and 2 also serve as mentors and career advisors. These faculty physicians travel to Philadelphia to teach Doctoring 1 and also teach in Bethlehem during Year 2, providing continuity in mentoring and advising.

Year 1 - Normal structure, function and development

Block Number Course Title
1 Fundamentals of Anatomy
2 Fundamentals of Medicine 1
3 Biological Systems I: Cardiovascular, Blood, Respiratory & Renal Systems
4 Biological Systems II: Gastrointestinal, Endocrine & Reproductive Systems
5 Biological Systems III: Nervous & Musculoskeletal Systems
6 Biological Systems IV: Skin, Immunology & Inflammation
Doctoring I

Year 2 - Causes, mechanisms, identification and treatment of major human diseases

Block Number Course Title
7 Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
8 Diseases of the Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems
9 Diseases of the Endocrine, Reproductive and Renal Systems
10 Diseases of the Central Nervous and Musculoskeletal Systems
11 Diseases of the Gastrointestinal System, Hematology
Doctoring 2