Hometown Heroes

St. Luke's Hometown Heroes - Bleed Local

Every day first responders from around our region respond to countless 911 requests for help.  Each call for help is answered no matter time, day, event, or weather conditions with a goal to make someone's worst day better. We at St. Luke's recognize your dedication to your communities and patients which is we are starting the St. Luke’s Hometown Heroes Campaign. Through our relationship with Miller-Keystone Blood Center, we are asking you to donate blood to save lives. Thousands of pint’s have been donated through the years, but together we can do more to touch the life of someone we may never meet.


Our goal is to increase blood donation in the Lehigh Valley allowing us to save lives, protect our communities and raise awareness of the urgent need for blood donations. Unlike other organizations, blood donated to Miller-Keystone is used right here in the Lehigh Valley to save the lives of our family members and neighbors.

Did you know that Miller-Keystone Blood Center supplies St. Luke’s with all its blood and it’s the only blood center in the region?  It’s true and our patients use 30% of all the blood collected through Miller-Keystone. Next time you are responding to a call for help, or transport a patient to our Emergency Departments, 1 in 7 patients will need blood and that blood will come from blood donors like you. Each day Miller-Keystone needs 450 donors to meet the needs of patients in the Lehigh Valley. These patients range from newborn babies to trauma victims. The need is great, and we want to do our part.

Here’s how you can help.  If you’re in good health, age 16 or older, and weigh more than 110 pounds, you can donate blood every 2 months.

If it weren’t for blood donors, like you, many of our friends, family, and colleagues would not be alive today. 

You, a friend, a fellow first responder, or anyone in your family can accept this challenge. When signing up to donate please utilize the Hometown Heroes key code “8307” at one of Miller-Keystone’s sites and your donation will be credited to the campaign.  Not only will you save a life, but you may save the life of one of our own.

Need more of an incentive? Donating blood and using the hometown heroes key code will enroll you in our prize patrol raffle with winners being announced in the first week of June 2019. Prizes range from Amazon Eco’s to BBQ grills to large screen TV’s.

Don’t forget, when you donate with Miller-Keystone, you’re helping save the lives of family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers, right here in our own community.

Signing up is SO EASY.

Check out our St. Luke’s prehospital services webpage www.sluhn.org/ems or visit www.giveapint.org.  Also, keep a lookout for emails and social media posts from your EMS liaisons, now affectionately known as “Blood Ambassadors.”

Please join the hometown heroes team to donate a pint of blood and help someone on their worst day!