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  • Kids and Summer Are Like Macaroni and Cheese Kids and summer go together like macaroni and cheese. And the summer’s not over yet. Learn More
  • Safe Sleep for Your Baby Sleep position. Type of crib. Location of crib. Room temperature. Pacifiers. Learn More
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  • The Peanut Puzzle As a parent of one daughter with a peanut allergy and another with avocado and kiwi allergies, Eric Katzman decided, with his second child, to introduce peanut products early. Learn More
  • Kids in Winter Children in the wintertime can present a challenge. You want to keep them active, but perhaps you’re not all that enthused yourself at being in the great outdoors when the wind chill is registering -10 degrees. You want to keep them safe, but you know the thrill of sledding down a hill, too. And you want to keep them healthy, but every other person has a sniffly nose or that annoying cough. Learn More