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Graduate Medical Education

Educational Activities

Critical care and emergency medicine

You will receive systematic instruction in:

  • Resuscitation of critically ill patients
  • Advanced cardiac and trauma life support
  • Clinical features and physiology of disease states that lead to acute, life-threatening illnesses
  • Technical skills involved in monitoring, airway maintenance and mechanical ventilation
  • Theory and practical management of invasive and noninvasive monitoring systems

Didactic Components

  • Daily case presentations
  • Daily ICU teaching rounds
  • Critical care core lectures series
  • Trauma core lecture series
  • Monthly trauma, critical care and emergency medicine journal clubs
  • Grand Rounds
  • Journal Club
  • ATLS course
  • Fellowship Core Modules
  • Fundamental Critical Care Support Course
  • Critical Care Ultrasound Course

Fellowship Core Modules

All fellows will attend the following core lecture modules in addition to specialized lectures in their selected track. 

  1. Airway Assessment and Management
  2. Acute Respiratory Failure
  3. Modes of Mechanical Ventilation/Ventilation Strategies
  4. Shock
  5. Hemodynamic Monitoring
  6. Acute Coronary Syndromes
  7. Alterations in Osmolality and Electrolytes
  8. Metabolic Disturbances of Acid-Base
  9. SIRS/Sepsis
  10. Bleeding Diathesis/Principles of Blood Component Therapy
  11. Prophylactic Regimens in the ICU
  12. Traumatic Brain Injury/Brain Death/SCI
  13. Rapid Response

Procedure Training

  1. Ultrasound
  2. Central lines/vascular access
  3. Thoracostomy tubes
  4. Suture lab
  5. Lumbar puncture
  6. Splinting
  7. Airway Management