Graduate Medical Education


Podiatric medicine

There are podiatry clinics at St. Luke’s University Hospital – Bethlehem and St. Luke’s Hospital – Allentown Campus. The Allentown clinic site is within the hospital's Family Health Center. The total annual volume in this health center is 8,000 in the general clinics and about 600 in the podiatry clinic. Podiatry clinic at the Allentown campus generally occupies one full-day per week. At least one resident is present in the clinic and there is ample opportunity to provide perioperative care to the clinic's surgical patients.

In Bethlehem, the podiatry clinic is held one morning and one afternoon per week. The annual volume for the clinic in general is 14,000 annually. The podiatry clinic generally sees 30 patients per week by appointment.

Surgical Facilities

  • St. Luke’s Hospital – Allentown Campus is the sponsoring institution of the Podiatry Residency Program. The core of the resident's training experiences is based at this location.
  • There is a large potential for podiatric experience at St. Luke’s University Hospital – Bethlehem Campus. Both foot and ankle privileges are available to podiatrists at both campuses. The Bethlehem campus has a house staff numbering one hundred. There are 28 podiatrists on staff of the combined campuses.
  • The Coordinated Health Systems Outpatient Surgical Center is a large orthopedic and sports medicine entity that employs multiple orthopedic and podiatric surgeons. A variety of outpatient podiatric surgical procedures are performed at this center.
  • St. Luke’s Hospital – Anderson Campus & Susquehanna Health Systems