Graduate Medical Education


Orthopedic surgery

The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery teaching faculty consists of more than 12 board-certified members representing general orthopaedic surgery and all sub-specialties of orthopaedic surgery. The faculty is dedicated to sharing their knowledge and experience to shape the residents into well educated orthopaedic surgeons. Click here for more information about our faculty.

  • Nicholas J. Avallone, MD
  • Jennifer Banzhof, DO
  • Patrick J. Brogle, MD
  • Gregory F. Carolan, MD
  • William G. De Long, Jr., MD
  • Scott Doroshow, DO
  • Brett W. Gibson, MD
  • Daniel S. Heckman, MD
  • Jon Hernandez, MD
  • Leigh Hopkins, MD
  • James Lachman, MD
  • Wei-Shin Lin, MD
  • Kristofer S. Matullo, MD
  • Anastassia Newbury, MD
  • Chinenye O.Nwachuku, MD
  • Dante Palumbo, DO
  • Julia Pring, MD
  • Chandra S. Reddy, MD
  • James M. Sacco, DO
  • Adam Sadler, DO
  • Scott T. Sauer, MD
  • Andrew Sobel, MD
  • Gbolabo Sokunbi, MD
  • Bruce Vanett, MD
  • Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Orthopaedic Surgery Team