Graduate Medical Education

Internal Medicine Residency - Anderson

Internal medicine

Our Primary Focus is Primary Care

Welcome to St. Luke’s Internal Medicine Residency - Anderson. While we are a new program, we are part of a vast Network that is home to ten hospitals, a medical school and a rich and storied legacy of graduate medical education.

We are a categorical three-year Internal Medicine Residency Program that will provide you with the skills and expertise to practice as a primary care physician, hospitalist or enter subspecialty training. A significant focus of our training, however, is your development as a primary care physician to help keep patients safe, happy and trusting in you as a physician.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to train and educate future physicians to obtain the necessary medical knowledge, acquire the necessary skills and clinical acumen, and develop the humanistic qualities and attitudes needed to provide integrated and comprehensive care for the adolescent, adult and geriatric populations in our community.

There are four other additional components to our mission:

  • We seek into instill in our residents an insatiable curiosity for medicine and patient care as well as the continued motivation to foster that curiosity during their residency training and for the rest of their lives. The learning does not stop after residency training; as doctors the learning never stops.
  • We want to teach our patients to “help themselves” as well as continuing to foster that self-motivation in our patients. Part of the “art” of medicine, is not only being an effective communicator, but also part teacher, part coach, and part motivator.
  • We want to foster an environment of physician wellness and humanity. What does this mean? We are human beings first, doctors second. In addition to being doctors, we are husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, and even caregivers. No resident in our program will ever do a 24-hour call.
  • We seek to instill accountability for ourselves and for each other. In our program, the care of patients is a team- based effort. We are accountable to ourselves and to one another.


Collaboration, Personalized Training and Patient Care

There are some awesome features of the St. Luke’s Internal Medicine Residency - Anderson Campus. Medicine is a collaborative effort, and during your training you will be interacting with many team members. In addition to the internal medicine residency program, the Anderson Campus will also be sponsoring training programs in Neurology, Psychiatry, ENT, Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine as well as exposure to residents rotating through our campus from the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology. You will have the opportunity to directly interact with many of these wonderful people during your training.

This is a friendly and supportive environment – the medical staff, but also those of us involved in graduate medical education are committed to fostering an environment where questions are welcomed, and anyone is more than willing to help in any way possible.