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General Surgery Residency

General Surgery

Work hard, provide exceptional, timely patient care, and have fun! This has been the core philosophy of our general surgical residency over the last 20+ years. Here at St. Luke’s the emphasis is on resident autonomy both inside and outside of the operating room to prepare you for the next level. Furthermore, our commitment to both research and leadership development ensures that our residents reach their full potential. The end result is a graduating surgical resident that is beyond competent and immediately ready to transition into a general surgery position or very competitive fellowship. See where our graduates have gone.

Additionally, St. Luke’s strong commitment to education and research ensures that your experience will be vast and will prepare you not only for the operating room, but life as a leader in the field of medicine.

“When I was a medical student interviewing for residencies I came across St. Luke’s and immediately I knew this was the place for me. The attending surgeons were full of energy and dedicated and eager to teach. The residents spoke of how hard they worked, but they were also happy and they made the environment feel like a home away from home. When I matched here for residency all my expectations were met and more. Interns were operating from the very first day. We had a great amount of autonomy with the right amount of oversight. I made some of my best friends in the residency and it certainly was a home away from home for me, so much so that I wanted to make it my home after I went away for my advanced MIS/metabolic and bariatric surgery fellowship. I am grateful to be back at the St. Luke’s to be able to share my story.”

Ikemefuna Akusoba, MD
2017 Graduate

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Our unique residency philosophy coupled with our ongoing resident success stories have created an “esprit de corps” that truly is second to none. Our residents and faculty genuinely enjoy coming to work each and every day – you will as well.

Brian Hoey, MD
Program Director