Graduate Medical Education

Salary and Benefits

Family Medicine
  • St. Luke’s graduate medical education program offers a competitive salary and a comprehensive benefits package. Residents who successfully have completed the St. Luke’s residency program and moved into practice have commented that the cost of living in the area is lower and they found that they had more buying power than in the larger cities.

    Post Graduate Year Hourly Rate Annual Rate
    PGY-1 $27.33 $57,974
    PGY-2 $28.99 $61,502
    PGY-3 $30.15 $63,969

    Note: Salaries effective July 1, 2018.  Salaries start in PGY-1 and correspond to the number of years in the resident’s chosen program.

    For the academic year 2018-2019, the PGY-1 salary is $57,974 plus benefits

    • iPad mini for Epic use
    • Vacation: three weeks plus conference time
    • Conference allowance: Funding up to $2,000 for a conference in the last year with the approval of the Program Director and Chief Academic Officer
    • Professional liability insurance
    • Health and major medical insurance for resident and dependents (cost is prorated)
    • Dental insurance after six months for resident
    • Life insurance based on annual salary
    • Temporary disability insurance
    • Uniforms provided and laundered
    • Travel allowance for required out-of-town rotations
    • Yearly membership in the American Academy of Family Physicians
    • ACLS/PALS/BLS/NRP/ALSO: All residents are given the opportunity to become certified at no cost during orientation. Current residents are provided with re-certification training every two years.
    • License fees necessary for residency requirements
    • Maternity and paternity leave policy
    • Lodging provided for applicant interviews, if overnight stay is required