Graduate Medical Education

Didactics and Conferences

  • Endocrinology Physiology Review will be held the first 3 weeks of training and will provide a review of basic endocrinology and diabetes physiology led by endocrinology attendings.
  • Endocrinology Grand Rounds will be held every other Tuesday at 7:30 am and will be given by endocrinology attendings, fellows, as well as speakers from outside our division.
  • Patient Care Conference will be held every Tuesday morning at 8:30 am and will be given by fellows. Patient Care Conference will require the fellow to review the medical literature in order to present a topic in a case-based format to the endocrinology attendings.
  • Endocrinology journal club will be held monthly.
  • Board Review sessions will be held monthly.
  • Diabetes Journal Club will be held monthly.
  • Research Seminar will be given by fellows periodically to update the endocrinology attendings on progress of their research and other scholarly activities.