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Graduate Medical Education

Podiatric Dermatology Fellowship
Podiatric Dermatology Fellowship

St. Luke’s Podiatric Dermatology Fellowship was initiated in July of 2002 and is sponsored by St. Luke’s University Health Network. The program is integrated into the graduate medical education of the sponsoring institution and coordinated with the podiatric residency training program. The fellowship is overseen by program director Robert Diamond, DPM. Dermatology training is under the auspice of Stephen Schleicher, MD. Dr. Schleicher is a diplomat of the American Board of Dermatology and an American Academy of Dermatology Fellow.  In addition to experience in dermatology, the fellowship will have rotations in related specialties such as plastic surgery, dermato-pathology, and podiatry.  The program will afford the fellow candidate a high level of expertise in the field of podiatric dermatology.  In addition, emphasis will be placed on scholarly activities such as teaching competencies, research and self-directed learning.