Visiting Nurse Advocate for the County (VNAC) Program

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Nurses in the VNAC program provide intensively focused services to:

  • Support families in crisis
  • Provide parenting education and case management for families
  • Advocate for the safety of the infant/child even if that may mean the family unit is not maintained or reunited

Partnering to create safety nets for the children involved and promote positive growth in the families are key components of the VNAC program. Our VNAC nurses work in partnership with many other agencies, schools, and families to foster a safe, healthy and nurturing home environment for their clients and their children.

Working to Promote Healthy, Nurturing Homes for Children and Families

The VNAC program focuses on reducing the incidence of child abuse and maltreatment and promote healthy, nurturing homes for the children and families involved.

Using the Life Skills Progression Tool at scheduled intervals helps our nurses identify areas of need. This helps families set measurable and attainable goals in any/all of the eight domains measured:

  • Relationships
  • Education (of parents)
  • Health/Medical Care
  • Mental Health & Substance Abuse
  • Basic Essentials
  • Child-focused scales

Community Level Efforts

Members of the Bethlehem Partnership participate on review boards for child death and near death incidents in both counties as well as support the creation of a Northampton County Child Advocacy Center. It is believed that a Child Advocacy Center will strengthen the efforts to achieve the overarching goal of promotion of safer communities for children.

For more information for either the PATH or VNAC programs, please contact St. Luke's Community Health.