Vision Initiative

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The partners involved in the Vision Initiative work together to provide free eye exams and glasses for children and teens who do not have vision care insurance coverage. The partners use several means to complete their mission of reducing the number of children and teens who cannot get their vision care needs addressed.

Voucher Program

Since 1998 the partners have provided a Vision Voucher program. This program allows a child/teen to go to one of the participating providers and receive a vision exam and one pair of glasses without charge to the family.

We currently offer this program to families in the Bethlehem Area and Allentown School Districts. ALL vouchers are distributed through the school nurse office. Please speak to your school nurse if your child received a referral for further vision screening and you do not have vision care insurance coverage.

Participating Partners

  • Pearle Vision, Bethlehem Square, Bethlehem
  • Medina Optic, Bethlehem
  • For Eyes, Tilghman St. Allentown
  • Berson and Martucci, Allentown
  • Allentown Vision Center, Allentown