Parent Advocate In The Home

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Nurses visit families who need support with daily tasks and parenting. Families with babies and toddlers may qualify for this program.

Nursing efforts under the PATH program are designed to empower parents through education and mentoring. The program is designed to support the growth and development of the children in a safe, loving home and to prevent child maltreatment.

Nurses not only teach parenting, they promote early literacy and childhood development. It is not uncommon to see our PATH nurses not only teaching basic parenting, but also practicing nursery rhymes like Itsy, Bitsy Spider. They teach parents how to lovingly interact through crafts or reading, while showing how these simple activities promote parent/child bonds that help create a nurturing home environment.

The PATH program will teach about:

  • Child growth and development
  • Home safety
  • Discipline
  • Healthy eating
  • Problem solving
  • Parenting

For more information about the PATH program, please call 484-526-1100.