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COVID-19 Vaccine – Kids Corner FAQs COVID-19 Vaccine – Kids Corner FAQs

COVID-19 Vaccine – Kids Corner FAQs

Important Information for Parents

We know that these are uncertain times and that parent’s viewpoints range from “Let’s do this!” to “I’m not sure.” St. Luke’s team of pediatric experts are here for you, to help provide scientific, medically-backed information to guide you to the right decision.

Is the Vaccine Safe for My Young Child? How Do You Know?

The same rigorous testing that went into the studies for individuals ages 12 years of age and older was followed for the 5-11 year old age group as well. The FDA and CDC have approved the Pfizer vaccine for use in this age group because it has been proven to be safe and effective in preventing COVID.

The American Academy of Pediatrics also fully supports the recommendation to vaccinate children ages 5 years and older.


Why Should I Get the Vaccine for My Children? Children aren't getting as sick as older people.

While it is true that most severe cases of COVID (hospitalization, ICU admissions and deaths) are attributed to an older population, our children are not immune from contracting COVID, and here at St. Luke’s we have seen the number of hospitalizations in the pediatric population rise in the past several months. By giving the vaccine to children ages 5 years+, we can now protect even more children from getting sick. An added benefit is that we can also cut down on their risk of spreading it to other, older or younger, family members.


Will My Child Receive the Same Vaccine as Me?

Not quite. The ingredients are identical; however, those aged 5-11 years will receive a reduced dose – one third the amount of the standard dose. This is why St. Luke’s has chosen to separate the age groups. Those 5-11 years will be vaccinated at separate, child-friendly locations, to reduce any risk in providing the wrong dose.

The vaccine is still administered in two parts – two shots spaced approximately three weeks apart.


I Can’t Bring My Child to Their Appointment. Can I send Them With a Family Member or Trusted Friend?

Absolutely! Just make sure that you have completed the Minor Consent Form ahead of time and send it with your child.


My Child is Deathly Afraid of Needles and Panics During Vaccinations

We’ve got you. Our team of nurses and doctors are very familiar with needlephobia – lots of adults suffer from it too! Just let us know ahead of time and we will pull out all our specialties to help your child feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.


My Child Has Special Needs and Would Feel Safer in a Private Room/Area

Absolutely. We want to make this experience as easy and as friendly as possible for everyone. If your child has a special need or something that will make them more comfortable, just communicate it to us during the check in process and we will assist. Also, feel free to bring along something like an ipad or favorite toy if it helps calm your child.


Why Cant I Have My 14-Year-Old Vaccinated at the Same Location as My 9-Year-Old

We understand that having to go to two locations is inconvenient. We weighed the pros and cons and decided on the safest route to ensure that our 5-11-year-olds receive the correct vaccine for them and that is by having vaccine locations dedicated solely to 5-11 year olds.


When Will I Be Able to Vaccinate My 2-Year-Old

Studies for children ages 6 months through 5 years old are still underway. We anticipate more information in early 2022.


Will My Child Experience Side Effects After Receiving the COVID Vaccine?

Like many other vaccines, the COVID-19 vaccine can cause mild to moderate symptoms related to the induced immune response. Learn more