Nicotine-Free Hiring Policy-GME

Nicotine-Free Hiring Policy for the
Graduate Medical Education Program

To take further steps in preserving and improving the health of all its employees and patients, St. Luke's University Health Network (“St. Luke's”) has implemented a nicotine-free hiring policy. As applied to the Graduate Medical Education (GME) program, this means that all interns/residents/fellows receiving appointments must submit to and pass a cotinine test during their orientation/pre-placement physical exam, along with the substance abuse screen. The cotinine test is conducted pre-employment only. The cotinine test will detect the presence of nicotine in all forms of tobacco.

Individuals who test positive for cotinine will not be allowed to start work as an intern/resident/fellow but rather shall be placed on an unpaid provisional leave of absence during which time they will be required to satisfactorily complete a ninety (90)-day tobacco cessation program (the expense of which program shall be paid for by St. Luke's). Upon St. Luke's receipt of suitable verification of the individual's satisfactory completion of the tobacco cessation program, St. Luke's will retest the individual. If the individual again tests positive for cotinine, St. Luke's shall withdraw his/her appointment and terminate the relationship.