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Hospital-based/Provider-based Outpatient Billing FAQs 

Medicare FAQs 

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are questions that you may have about St. Luke's University Health Network's Online Business Office and billing processes.

Online Business Office Questions

1. How do I view my account information and manage my account online?

To view your account information, you must enroll in St. Luke's University Health Network Online Business Office. Creating a user name and personal password for the account will ensure that only you can securely access your account information.

2. Can other family members access my online account?

A family member can access your account only if you provide that person with your user name and password. If two family members are responsible for payment of an account, then each person will have to enroll separately.

3. Can I contact the hospital Business Office through e-mail?

Yes, you may e-mail the Business Office 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week with questions. The Business Office will reply to your message during normal business office hours, 8 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

4. Besides viewing my account and paying my bill online, what other options are available on St Luke's University Health Network's Online Business Office?

In addition to viewing and paying your accounts online, the site includes other resources to help you understand and manage your health care billing. With the Online Business Office you can:

5. Do I need to enroll in order to use resources, such as the glossary, tips, etc.?

No, resources are available to you 24 hours-a-day, regardless of your enrollment. You only need to enroll if you want access your account information.

6. Will I be able to pay multiple accounts with one payment online?

Yes, as long as the accounts are with St. Luke's University Health Network.

7. If I am enrolled in the Online Business Office am I required to pay my bill online?

No, you will have the option to either make an electronic payment or print a payment stub and mail it to St. Luke's University Health Network.

8. What types of online payment methods can I use?

You can make your payments online via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover) or bank visa/debit card.

9. Can I print a payment stub and send it with my payment instead of paying online?

Yes, you will have the option to print a payment stub and send it with your check or credit card information to the hospital.

10. What if I am entitled to a refund?

If you are entitled to a refund for any reason St Luke’s University Health Network will refund the overpaid amount to the appropriate party by credit/debit card or check. Questions regarding refunds can be directed to 484-526-3150 option 2.

Registration Questions

1. Should I bring my insurance card with me to the hospital?

Yes, your insurance card is needed every time you receive services.

2. What if I forgot to bring my insurance card to the hospital?

You may call the Business Office or log onto the Online Business Office to provide the information.

Bills Questions

1. Why have I received a bill?

St. Luke's University Health Network sends a bill once your insurance has processed your account and has made the balance your responsibility. You could also be receiving a bill if we need insurance information from you. To ensure that your insurance information is accurate, please review your statement.

2. When I call on my child's accounts I can't always get the information I am asking for?

Due to Federal privacy laws we cannot disclose any information that is considered protected health information (PHI). If your child is over the age of 18 they do fall under this privacy guideline and information will be not given out.

3. Why do I get separate bills for hospital services received on different dates?

When sending a claim to your health plan, we are required to file a separate claim for each visit.

4. Who can I talk to with questions about my bill?

A Business Office Representative is available to help you via e-mail or over the telephone and will respond to your inquiry regarding your bill as soon as possible. For St. Luke's University Health Network contact information, please select Ways to Contact Us.

5. What is the address to send payments?

St. Luke's University Health Network Payments
P.O. Box 5489
Bethlehem, PA 18015

5. Will you bill my insurance plan for me?

Yes, St. Luke's University Health Network will bill your health insurance plan as a courtesy on your behalf if insurance was provided at the time of service.

6. Will the hospital file my Workers' Compensation claim for me?

Yes, St. Luke's University Health Network will submit your authorized workers' compensation claim directly to your employer's workers' compensation insurance company on your behalf if the insurance information is provided.

7. Why did I receive more than one bill?

If you receive more than one bill, please review them carefully. You may have received a bill(s) from the physician(s) who saw you at the hospital or read your test results. Physicians send bills for their services separately from the hospital. If you have questions about a bill you have received, please call the telephone number on the bill.

8. How do I know that the amount you are billing me is the correct amount?

Once your insurance has processed your account, they will send you an explanation of benefits (EOB) to show how the claim was processed. You can compare the EOB to the statement sent by the hospital. How your insurance processed your account is based on your benefits. If you feel your account was not processed correctly please contact your insurance directly.

9. I received a letter stating my account has been referred to a collection agency or collection. Why was this done and what should I do?

Before an account is placed with a collection agency, you will receive four billing statements from St. Luke's University Health Network advising you of your account activity.

If payment or payment arrangements have not been made, the account is then referred to a collection agency. These agencies act under the direction of St. Luke's University Health Network. Once an account is placed with an outside collection agency, we ask that you work directly with the agency to resolve the balance.

Insurance Questions

1. Why didn't my insurance pay?

Please contact your insurance directly for any explanation.

2. I gave my insurance information to my doctor, why don't you have it?

Physicians maintain their own patient information. Also, your benefit coverage may be different for physician services than it is for hospital services. For these reasons, physicians and hospitals retain separate insurance information.

3. Even though I gave the hospital my medical insurance information, I was later asked for my automobile insurance because my injury was due to an auto accident. My medical insurance will cover the bill, why is any other insurance needed?

Health plans normally only pay benefits after automobile insurance has paid or denied the account. This is a requirement for Medicare and Medicaid. If we do not provide the accident insurance information at the time of billing, the claim will be delayed or denied, until the information is provided.

4. How can I check with my insurance to make sure they will cover the services I received?

A customer service telephone number is listed on most health insurance cards. Prior to placing a call to your insurance company have available your insurance card, date of expected service, hospital name, patient name, and what service the patient will be receiving. Remember to write down the name of the person you speak to. Other questions you could ask the customer service representative:

  • Am I covered for these services?
  • What portion of the service will I be responsible for paying?
  • Do I need a referral or authorization?

5. How do I know if my health plan will cover my hospital visit or certain services?

Check with your health plan or your employer prior to receiving health care services as coverage and limitations vary with each plan.

6. Do I need to let my health plan know that I am going to be in the hospital?

Check with your health plan or your employer prior to receiving health care services as coverage varies with each plan.

7. Why didn't my insurance pay for some services?

Insurance policies vary on what services are covered or paid. Your particular policy may not cover a certain service or you did not meet your policy's deductible or coinsurance requirement(s).

8. How do I know if my insurance company will cover services provided by all professionals (e.g. anesthesiologists, radiologists, and pathologists) involved with my treatment?

Check with your health plan or your employer about this. Each professional needs to contract individually with health plans and the hospital does not know if each professional is contracted with your health plan.

9. How will I know if my insurance has paid my claim?

You should receive and explanation of benefits from your insurance. However, if there is a balance due from you after your health plan has processed your accounts; St. Luke's University Health Network will send you a statement. This statement will show how your insurance has processed and what your responsibility is.

10. How will I know what portion of the bill I should pay?

The amount you owe can be found in the Account Summary section, on the left side of your statement. If your health plan has paid part of your claim, the statement will identify the amount paid and the amount you owe. Your health plan also indicates the amount you are responsible for on the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) form provided.

11. How can I pay my portion of my bill?

We offer several payment options:

  1. Make an online payment using your MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover or debit card by selecting the online payment options as part of "My Account." Pay with credit card by calling the phone number listed on your hospital statement.
  2. Mail your check or money order payable to the hospital and include your account number. Mail the payment to the address included on your hospital statement.
  3. Payments are also accepted at the cashiers' office in the main hospitals.
  4. If payment in full is not possible, payment arrangements may be made by contacting the St. Luke's Hospital & Health Network Business Office at the number listed on your statement.

12. What are a deductible, co-payment, and co-insurance?

A deductible is flat dollar amount that you are required to pay each year towards your medical bills. A co-payment is a flat amount due for each visit to a provider. A coinsurance is generally a percentage of covered charges. These amounts are set by your employer or insurance company and could increase each year.

13. What is the difference between Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B?

Generally, Medicare Part A covers inpatient hospitalization and Medicare Part B covers outpatient and physician services. See Billing Procedures/Policies for more detailed information.

14. Why do I have to give you information about other insurance if I have Medicare coverage?

Medicare requires hospitals to bill any health plan that could have responsibility for your expenses before Medicare is billed. Medicare will not allow the hospital to file a claim for payment until the other insurance has paid or denied the claim.

15. What insurances do St. Luke's University Health participate with?

We accept most insurances.  Please contact your insurance to verify coverage and if St. Luke's Hospital & Health Network is a participating network provider for your services.

Patient Financial Assistance Program Questions

1. What information is needed to apply for the Patient Financial Assistance Program?

Please see Self Pay/Uninsured under Payment Options for detailed information or contact one of the Financial Counselors for assistance at:

  • St. Luke's Hospital - Allentown Campus:
  • St. Luke's University Hospital - Bethlehem Campus:
  • St. Luke's Hospital - Quakertown Campus:
  • St. Luke's Hospital - Miners Campus:

2. How long does it take to get an answer?

Applicants for the Patient Financial Assistance Program will be notified in writing of acceptance or denial within two to three months from receipt of a complete application and supporting documentation.

3. Can St. Luke's University Health Network deny my Patient Financial Assistance Program application?

Yes, St. Luke's University Health Network can deny your application if you:

  • Have not applied for Medical Assistance
  • Failed to supply required documentation
  • Your income is 300% above the federal poverty guidelines

If you should receive a denial for your application, call St. Luke's University Health Network Business Office for payment options.